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Raising The Bar At Railway Interchange 2023

Editorial Staff

Oct 2, 2023

From the floors of Railway Interchange 2023 (Booth 3560), we’re excited to be here and meeting so many like-minded people who eat, sleep, and breathe Yard Air. From system design and engineering, to installation, repair, and maintenance: our team is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Ensuring Optimal Compressed Air Quality

Proper air quality is the lifeblood of rail yard operations. At Yard Air Systems, we take pride in offering expert repair and installation services — as well as creating products that are driving innovation within our sector. A few core pillars to how we approach excellence in Yard Air:

1. Safety First: Clean, high-quality air is essential for safe railway operations. Yard Air Systems' services ensure that your air systems meet industry standards, while reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety — for you, your customers and our team as well.

2. Compliance Assurance: We are aware of the stringent environmental regulations, and know that non-compliance can result in severe consequences. At Yard Air Systems, are team are seasoned professionals, and we’re strict in ensuring that our rail yard air systems are compliant, protecting your business from potential fines and legal issues.

3. Enhanced Efficiency: Well-maintained air systems operate more efficiently, leading to cost savings and reduced energy consumption. Yard Air Systems' services optimize your systems for peak performance, including access to ProCura IoT remote management solutions for total visibility.

4. Expertise You Can Trust: With decades of experience, Yard Air Systems' engineers and technicians have the knowledge, skill and safety certifications required to handle a wide range of air system needs, from routine maintenance to complex installations. 

Reducing Environmental Impact

We also understand that energy efficiency and safety are more critical today than ever before. Yard Air Systems' repair and installation services, and proprietary products (like MAPS, the Foot Pedal Outlet, and Remote Management Systems) contribute to a more effective future.

At Yard Air Systems, we are eager to help our customers operate at their best. If you’re at Railway Interchange 2023 this week — stop by to see our latest products, find out about our services, and get to know us!


Visit Us:  APS and Yard Air Systems — the proud railway yard air division of APS.
We are together in Indianapolis, October 1-4 at Railway Interchange 2023 showcasing the foot pedal outlet, remote management solutions, and more. Call us in advance to schedule a meeting or stop by the APS | Yard Air Systems booth anytime and say hello!


Booth No. 3560

APS | Yard Air Systems

Railway Interchange 2023; Indianapolis from Oct. 1-4

We're looking forward to seeing you and to help you operate at your best: (910) 775-9358.

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