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Railway Interchange 2023 Sneak Peak: ProCura IoT

Editorial Staff

Sep 27, 2023

With Railway Interchange 2023 a week away, we’re getting ready to showcase several cutting-edge yard air solutions. Come check out this year’s spotlights (Booth 3560), and read below for a sneak peak into one of the products we'll be demoing there: ProCura IoT remote monitoring systems.

A Glimpse into Railway Interchange 2023

Railway Interchange is the ultimate platform for railway professionals to connect, collaborate, and witness the latest advancements in the industry. It's a dynamic convergence of engineering minds, where the most innovative companies come to share their latest products and solutions. 

This year, we’re showcasing a few solutions that are set to have a significant impact in enhancing rail yard air quality and efficiency.

ProCura IoT

ProCura IoT is the market leading solution for flexible and accurate management systems. It is a comprehensive solution designed to monitor, control, and optimize air quality within rail yards. It combines real-time data analytics, remote monitoring capabilities, and predictive maintenance features, ensuring that rail operators can rest easy when it comes to asset performance.

The Advantages of ProCura IoT

This IoT solution promises to be a game-changer for rail yard operators. It accurately harnesses the power of data-driven insights, and allows for proactive decision-making that prevents costly downtime and equipment failures. 

  • With its remote monitoring capabilities, it offers real-time visibility into air quality parameters, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and enhancing overall safety. 

  • Additionally, ProCura IoT's predictive maintenance features optimize equipment performance, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

A significant differentiator to ProCura IoT’s solutions: time and cost. Their off-the-shelf hardware enables connection to any system, or any OEM — within weeks.  We’re proud to be exclusive partners of ProCura IoT and excited to introduce this product to customers within the rail sector. It’s sure to transform operations in a major way.


Railway Interchange 2023 will be a testament to the incredible innovations unfolding in the railway industry. With our commitment to air quality, efficiency, and innovation, the Yard Air Systems team is grateful to be there, helping to reshape the rail yard management landscape, and set new standards for the industry. 

Stay tuned this week for more product spotlights and a sneak peak into the innovations we’ll be debuting next week at Railway Interchange 2023.


Visit Us! APS and Yard Air Systems — the proud railway yard air division of APS.

We will together be in Indianapolis, October 1-4 at Railway Interchange 2023 showcasing our proprietary yard air solutions, products and more. Call us in advance to schedule a meeting or stop by the APS | Yard Air Systems booth anytime and say hello!


Booth No. 3560

APS | Yard Air Systems

Railway Interchange 2023; Indianapoli from Oct. 1-4

We're looking forward to seeing you and to help you operate at your best: (910) 775-9358. 

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