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Modular Air Production Systems (MAPS): Transforming the Railway Industry

Editorial Staff

Sep 28, 2023

Another day, another highlight! Railway Interchange 2023 is just a week away — we’ll be alongside our affiliate partners at APS showcasing several of our yard air innovations (Booth 3560). Come see it in person there and check out this article for today’s product spotlight: MAPS.

MAPS are answering the call for efficient and flexible air solutions within the rail sector (and beyond!). They offer an adaptable, scalable, and cost-effective approach for delivering powerful air, on demand.


Understanding the Need for MAPS in Railways


The railway industry operates in a complex environment where air quality and efficient compressed air systems are vital for safety, maintenance, and overall operational success. However, the traditional approach of fixed, one-size-fits-all systems often falls short in meeting the diverse needs of rail operations. This is where MAPS steps in, offering a transformative approach to air management.


The Power of Modular Air Systems (MAPS)


MAPS is a flexible, modular approach to air quality and compressed air systems that offers a range of benefits tailored to the railway industry:


1. Scalability: Rail operations can customize their air systems to match specific requirements, whether for Yard Air applications, or Line of Road Siding operations. This scalability eliminates the need for costly upfront investments in oversized systems.


2. Cost Efficiency: MAPS optimizes capital expenditures by allowing businesses to invest only in the components they need. This results in significant cost savings both in terms of initial setup and long-term operational expenses.


3. Streamlined Maintenance: The modular nature of MAPS simplifies maintenance and repairs. When a component requires servicing, it can be easily isolated and addressed without disrupting the entire system. This minimizes downtime and maintenance costs.


4. Customization: Every rail operation is unique, and MAPS allows for tailor-made solutions. Rail operations can select components that align with their specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance.


5. Energy Efficiency: Many MAPS configurations incorporate energy-efficient components and controls, including ProCura IoT integrations. This results in lower energy consumption and reduced operational costs over time.


6. Adaptability: As technology evolves, MAPS can be easily upgraded or adapted to incorporate the latest advancements, ensuring that rail operators stay competitive and environmentally responsible.




Modular Air Production Systems (MAPS) are transforming the railway industry's approach to air quality and compressed air systems. Come see this feature and more in person at Railway Interchange 2023 (Booth 3560).


Visit Us! APS and Yard Air Systems — the proud railway yard air division of APS.

We will together be in Indianapolis, October 1-4 at Railway Interchange 2023 showcasing our proprietary yard air solutions, products and more. Call us in advance to schedule a meeting or stop by the APS | Yard Air Systems booth anytime and say hello!


Booth No. 3560

APS | Yard Air Systems

Railway Interchange 2023; Indianapoli from Oct. 1-4

We're looking forward to seeing you and to help you operate at your best: (910) 775-9358. 

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