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Railway Interchange 2023 Sneak Peak: Foot Pedal Yard Air Outlet

Editorial Staff

Oct 4, 2023

With Railway Interchange 2023 currently underway, we’re busy showcasing a number of our cutting-edge yard air solutions. If you haven’t stopped by Booth 3560 yet (or are not making your way to Indianapolis this week), then it’s your lucky day — in this article, we’re putting the spotlight on our proprietary Foot Pedal Yard Air Outlet.

Rail yards are bustling hubs of activity where efficiency and safety are paramount. In this demanding environment, innovations of any scale can lead to significant improvements. One such innovation is the shift from traditional ball valve methods to the more agile Foot Pedal Yard Air Outlet systems. Let’s dive into its advantages and how it's changing the game for Yard Air System customers.

Traditional Ball Valve Method: A Brief Overview

Traditionally, controlling air release in rail yards relied on manual ball valves. While effective, this method has its limitations. Operators had to physically manipulate the valves, which could be time-consuming and cumbersome.. It also presented safety concerns, as it often required personnel to be in close proximity to the valve actuation.

Enter the YAS Foot Pedal Yard Air Outlet: The Safer, More Ergonomic Approach 

Our proprietary Foot Pedal Yard Air Outlet systems are a modern alternative that offers numerous benefits:

1. Enhanced Safety: The foot pedal outlet simplifies the process of actuating yard air valves. Carmen can now control the required actions with their feet, making the process more ergonomic and safer.

2. Compliance Assurance: We are aware of the stringent regulations and know that non-compliance can result in delays. At Yard Air Systems, our team are seasoned professionals, and we’re strict in ensuring that our rail yard air systems are compliant, to help maintain your operations.


3. Efficiency: These systems streamline operations by allowing operators to control yard air outlets with a simple foot pedal. This translates to faster processes, shorter turnaround times, and increased overall efficiency in the yard.


4. Ergonomics: Foot pedals are ergonomically designed for ease of use. They reduce physical strain on operators, promoting comfort during extended shifts and minimizing the risk of repetitive strain injuries.


5. Adaptability: These systems can be easily integrated into existing rail yard infrastructure, making the transition from traditional methods relatively seamless.


6. Remote Monitoring: The Yard Air System’s Foot Pedal Yard Air Outlets are able to be equipped with remote monitoring capabilities via ProCura IoT. This allows for real-time tracking of brake test activities, and dew points, further enhancing safety and control.

The transition from traditional ball valve methods to Foot Pedal Yard Air Outlets represents a significant step forward for rail yard operations. With improved safety, increased efficiency, precision, and ergonomic benefits, these systems are changing the way rail yards operate.


Visit Us! APS and Yard Air Systems — the proud railway yard air division of APS.
We are together in Indianapolis, October 1-4 at Railway Interchange 2023 showcasing the foot pedal outlet, and more. Call us in advance to schedule a meeting or stop by the APS | Yard Air Systems booth anytime and say hello!

Booth No. 3560
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Railway Interchange 2023; Indianapolis from Oct. 1-4

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